Six contacts in Beijing

Six contacts in Beijing

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The hermit is neither a sect nor an organization. It is an omnipresent avenue that implies hidden forms. It exists naturally like life itself and can freely absorb the necessary nutrition from infinite forms.

Rainbow press: This is a very simple post (lack of typesetting and full of typos) sent in an inadvertent way. Of course, it didn’t attract much attention. But from another perspective, because of this, it does not meet the characteristics of “deliberate forgery”. Although it is impossible to verify the original appearance of things, some “information points” in them can not be ignored! The account was published ten years ago with the original title “I write something for a friend who has encountered aliens six times, but I can’t write it for the sixth time”… The data comes from the Internet. Please correct the authenticity of the content by yourself.

  First contact: there are many in the universe  

It happened in BJ. Here’s what happened. 

My friend went to the pick-up Office of BJ west station, which is located near Daguanyuan. The goods were not mentioned, so he was going back. But when I saw the railway on the side, I wanted to walk along the railway. It was 3:00 p.m. and it was sunny. Shortly after I got on the railway, I suddenly felt a sense of electric shock.

My eyes were black for about 2 seconds. I suddenly appeared in a forest. There were three strange people standing in front of me, one in front of me and two behind me. Standing in front, he immediately sent a cover like thing to my friend, covering his head. At this time, my friend heard the man say, “Hello, I won’t hurt you.” my friend felt a little panic, but he usually had a lot of courage, so he calmed down. He asked, “Hello, what’s the matter with me?” the man replied, “you’re the 21st person selected.” my friend asked, “why did you choose me?” the man replied: “Because the people in front were frightened by us and couldn’t communicate, they sent them back.” my friend smiled and said, “are you foreigners?” now describe the man’s appearance, just like human beings, but blond hair. His skin was quite white, his eyes were blond, he had six fingers and was wearing a jumpsuit. At this time, the man replied: “We’re not from your planet. We’re from a distant planet.” at this time, my friend knew that he met aliens and was stunned for three minutes. Then he asked them, “what are you doing here?” during these three minutes, the man poked and poked his body with an object similar to a metal rod. He didn’t feel anything. The man replied, “according to your words, it’s an investigation.” My friend asked, “what to investigate?” the man replied, “life on your planet.” my friend asked, “you say you are an alien. Why don’t you have a UFO?” the man replied, “our aircraft will hurt you.” Later, my friend analyzed that there should be radiation. Later, the man suddenly drew a circle in front of me with his hand.

At this time, an image appeared in my friend’s cover. The man said he came from here – referring to a planet. Then, zoom in on the planet and you can see that the planet has cities. It’s the same as 3D movies, but it’s more realistic. I watched it for about 20 minutes. I probably introduced him What’s your planet like? My friend recalled that their tall buildings had no windows, were very high, the sun was very soft, and there were many people. Flying objects kept flying in the sky. There were three corners, round, and quite large. There were streets and people walking.

My friend felt very interesting and asked the man: “You say you are an alien, then tell me what the end of the universe is like?” the man replied, “what you call the universe, we don’t call it that. What do we call it that…” My friend speaks a string of languages that I can’t understand. The man said that the edge of the universe is a very powerful cycle. If you get close to it, you will randomly appear in a place in the universe. Roughly, that means. And the universe is not one, but very many.

He said that the human beings on your planet have always wanted to explore the universe and need to know a lot. I The friend asked, “how can you come to us so far away?” the man replied: “the distance you said does not exist in our view. What we exist is only the connection between the universe and the universe, the sense of space experienced by the spatial link. When the people on your planet understand that they need a lot of what you call time.” my friend asked: “Do you have music over there?” At this time, the man answered yes.

The cover on my friend’s head was large and elongated, covering his whole body. Then the music sounded. My friend said he had never felt it. The sound seemed to turn on the senses of each cell of you. Their music was omni-directional, and the illusion was quite heavy, with melody, but the melody had never been heard. The feeling was not listening, but It’s wandering. It’s indescribable and beautiful. I feel like I’m wandering in the music… I can’t tell the feeling at that time. I’ve listened to it for 10 minutes. My friends have forgotten what they were listening to. At this time, the man turned off the music. He said to be here first today. We’ll come to you again.

My friend said. You must come to me. The man smiled. Then my friend’s eyes turned black again , I went back to the railway. About 3 hours have passed by. My friend went home. On the way, he was in a very complicated mood. I’ll talk about the second encounter later. I’ll go to bed first

  Second contact: they are “immortals”  
The second meeting was in the afternoon three days later, around 3 o’clock. My friend lived in Tongzhou. He was watching TV at that time. It was suddenly dark. He came to the grove again. Of course, it was the three people. He always talked to the person in front, and the person behind basically didn’t talk. He also talked to the person in front. My friend was very excited.

He said: “I’m glad you came to me again!” the man replied, “you have a good mind. It’s right to choose you.” my friend asked, “can you tell me something about mysteries?” the man replied, “ask.” my friend asked, “do you have a time machine? Go back to the past or the future.” the man replied: “Now you can only go back to the past, but you can’t enter that history to change anything. You can only see, but you can’t enter. Well, we have distorted what you call time. We don’t understand it that way. Distortion produces time.

First stop and then go back. You go back to the era you want to go by mastering time. You can only see, you can’t go in. According to our words, the past is just an image generated in this cosmic space. We just show it. If we go to the future, we certainly can’t. our wise people, that is, the scientists you call, have no way to break through your so-called rapid progress of time. We are not the most intelligent species in this universe. “

My friend was stunned for a long time. Then he asked how many kinds of wisdom the universe had. The man replied: “There are many kinds. You and I belong to the people who are endowed with the body by the spirit according to your words. We are higher than you because we are smarter than you. There are also the non sensory category, that is, the category that has been pursuing exploration and thinking, and they keep thinking without emotion. There are the completely spiritual category, and we have only a few contacts with this kind.

They are just conscious beings, There are no specific morphological characteristics. But you know his existence. This is the highest kind. I can’t finish talking. My friend then asked, “how old are you?” the man looked about 26 years old at most and had no beard. The man replied: we are immortal.

My friend asked “how do you live forever?” the man replied: “Long ago, we had a life limit because of the environment, food and spirit. Later, our wise people can extract our memories, extract them and store them in a new body. We can live forever. I have 35 million years according to the time of your planet as you said.” my friend asked: “Is this the first time you have come to us?” the man replied, “many times. We have to go to many living planets, not just you.”

my friend then asked, “why don’t you contact our government to help us?” the man replied: “We can’t help you. You’re not a whole control. It’s a joint system composed of multiple controls. We can’t help so much. And your planet is a very ordinary planet in the universe. It’s normal when such a planet is destroyed.

We won’t stop such ordinary things from happening, although we are one kind.” my friend said: “Then you’ll see us die?” the man said, “yes, it’s nothing. Such things are common in this universe.” my friend was really disappointed. He asked, “when are we finished?” the man replied, “it depends on when you can have only one management organization. Time is running out.” Speaking of this, the man said do you still want to listen to our music?

My friend said yes. He listened to it for about 10 minutes. He stopped. The man said you can go back and we’ll find you again. My friend said. Then you take me home. The man said. Did you come there? My friend said yes. It was 2 wonderful darkness again. He went back and found that the TV was still on. More than 3 hours passed. I drank That’s it. That’s it first

  The third contact: a long time ago  

  Had a war with reptiles  

After two days, there was the third time. I was still at home at 3 p.m. but there was a light rain that day. But when he appeared in the forest, there was no rain. My friend was very happy. The man also smiled. The man first said, “I brought you our food this time. Do you want to try it? My friend said,” of course. ” The man opened his hand. At this time, my friend found that they had six fingers (in front of him, he summarized that six fingers, and found that six fingers was this time.) there was a small square shaped thing in his palm, a little translucent and a little like jelly. My friend picked it up and put it in his mouth, without any taste. It melted quickly. My friend said, “it’s not delicious.” the man replied: “We don’t waste time on food anymore.

According to your body, you can basically maintain your nutrients for a month (later, my friend didn’t eat for a month and only drank water, which was indeed verified). The man continued: “Like you, we destroyed the environment to satisfy our appetite very early on. Later, we discovered the importance of nature. Wise people also invented copying from raw materials. In this way, we can maintain the harmony of nature without plundering nature.” my friend asked, “how did your science and technology develop?” the man replied: “We are also at a stage.

Since we have immortality, many of our wise people can live forever, our technology has developed quite rapidly.” the man continued: “If your wise man can live forever, your science and technology industry will move forward quite quickly without learning the wise man’s thoughts. It is making progress. That will leave out a lot. Progress is very slow. My friend thought what he said at this time was reasonable.

Then he asked,” do you have a war? “The man replied,” yes. ” A long time ago, their planet was approached by a larger planet. They gave up their original planet and came to their current planet. But at that time, the people on that planet did not accept them and massacred them. They had to use super weapons to completely eliminate their race. That race was very cruel, belonging to reptiles and amphibians Weapons have also greatly damaged the environment there. It took them a long time to restore the original appearance of the planet.

They themselves killed each other a long time ago. At this time, the head cover of their friend appeared again. It should be what he said. They watched it for two hours. My friend said to me: “It’s unimaginable! Their super weapons directly destroyed half of the planet. The surrounding asteroids disappeared directly. Their current planet should look big. The destroyed race looks ugly and looks like a lizard.” my friend was stunned. He opened his mouth and couldn’t speak for a moment. The man saw him and said: “Don’t be afraid, it was a long time ago. Then there was no war.” the man then said, “first, I’ll take you back.” my friend said, “are you still looking for me?” he said, “are you interested in seeing your earth?” my friend said, “of course.” the man said, “I’ll prepare a set of equipment for you and come here first this time.” My friend went dark for another 2 seconds. When I got home, I took a bath and went to bed first. Continue next time

  Fourth contact: your manager  

  It has seriously affected your progress  

The fourth time it was cloudy. But the forest was still sunny. This time my friend was very excited. The man looked at him and said, “you can’t go on our ship to see the earth. Your body can’t bear it, it will hurt you, and our clothes are not suitable for you.” my friend was very disappointed at that time. The man said: “When we come back to the earth, if you are still there, I will make one suitable for you according to your body.” my friend was still disappointed and asked, “do you have Buddha and Jesus over there?” the man replied: “

The spiritual leaders on your planet do not come from your planet itself. Your planet is not a spiritual leader. Your spiritual leaders are very common with us. We also have spiritual leaders, but” he ” It doesn’t exist, but the top of our racial spirit reflects the feedback of our own spiritual progress. When you humans create, you limit your spirit to one area instead of us. There is more space to receive the information in the universe.

The wise man who created you just wanted to create something like himself, and he can control it. A paradise to satisfy your various enjoyment. Later, it was revealed by another wise man who came with you. The wise man was severely punished. There is also a coincidence that a person on your planet can accept the cosmic sex library, but was murdered by your own manager. (post analysis should be this person – Nikola Tesla) Your managers have seriously affected your progress. “My friend said,” what is the cosmic information? “The man replied: “All the creation and discovery of the universe leave information in the universe.

And you should try to let yourself understand it. Many of you have learned this through spiritual cultivation. And your planet managers can’t accept their views and information. They are buried according to what you say that science is unexplainable. Therefore, many spiritual practitioners choose it now Choose not to say. “My friend said,” is it OK for me to practice? “The man replied,” there is no need to ask if he has cultivation. “After thinking for a while, my friend said he didn’t want to.

Let’s listen to your music. After listening to it for a while, go back. My friend said this. The last two times. When he returns home, I’ll talk to you in detail.

My personal analysis:

  1. My friend is worth hundreds of millions. He is the director of an export processing industry.
  2. My friend won’t let me reveal his information. I’m afraid it will affect his life. He is married and has no children.
  3. A friend is a rigorous but open-minded person.
  4. Friends never care about science and the unknown.
  5. My friends said this time and thought it was nothing. We can’t get anything from them. They can’t help us. We’d better take care of ourselves.

  Fifth contact: Pyramid universe polyhedron  

  Energy bank  

The fifth time. It’s still that point. It’s still the forest. My friend passed by several times before. This time, he wanted to ask about the pyramids and their aircraft. My friend directly asked, “do you know the pyramids?” the man replied: “Well, I know. Long ago, people of another race came to that land and spread their culture and ideas. Later, the managers there regarded them as what you call gods.

Those managers used many ways to make their clothes and lives close to them, and built their own cemeteries according to the aircraft of that race before they died. The pyramid is just a graveyard where the manager imitates the shape of the race’s aircraft. The manager also wants to be a God. “My friend knows very little because he doesn’t care about science and the unknown. At this time, he regrets that he knows very little. He regrets that he died. He wants to ask a lot, but he can’t say, ha ha. (if you change me or the people in the group, don’t ask for three days and three nights. Ha ha) my friend then asked, “where is your aircraft?

Can you see it?” the man said, “No. your proximity will hurt your body. I’ll take you back when I go back to equip you with clothes. As long as we return it.” my friend then said: “It will take a long time for you to fly to us from you.” the man replied, “the universe is made up of a lot of space.” then he said, “I said, you won’t understand. You see.” At this time, an image appeared on his head cover. First, from the earth to the position of their planet, and then cut it into two pieces like a piece of paper. One piece is the space of the earth and the space of their planet, and then find a point and merge at the same time. At this time, the man said, “that’s how we came to your planet.” my friend said, “I don’t understand.” the man said: “

Living in this space universe, what you see is that there is a plane, and the universe is a polyhedron, which has a lot of space. When we enter a space above this plane level, we can find the place we want to go, so as to surpass the constraints of the previous space.” my friend seems to understand a little. My friend asked: “What kind of energy do you use to drive your aircraft?” the man replied: “We were just like you before. Later, we found that the universe itself is a huge energy pool. Moreover, when you can use cosmic energy, it is easy to enter higher-level space. When you enter higher-level space, you can only use cosmic energy.

Because you use the energy from space, it can not be used in that space. According to your words, it is there A space is not recognized. ” My friend was stunned. My friend couldn’t ask anything. The man said to show you what we collected in the universe. The picture opened. It’s a planet with a lot of water. Most of the creatures on it can’t live without water. The humanoid above has long arms and tall stature. Their science and technology are also very developed. Then he saw a lot of creatures on many planets. That’s all A friend of mine said that he would recall it to me alone. He saw at least 100 kinds. Some were very similar and some were very strange. Hehe. After reading it, he went back.

After this time, my friend understood what he understood. He was dazed at home at the moon every day. Hehe. Just write about this. I took a bath first. Went to bed. Go back and continue

  Contact 6: involving many political conspiracies  

  Dare not say it  

Recently, things have been very busy. The sixth time involves a lot of political conspiracies. I dare not say it. I’m afraid there’s something to say. My friends also told me not to say it. In general… The United States has made contact with extraterrestrial countries. There is even cooperation. Many things are conspiracies. We are political tools and victims. Aliens have always wanted to meet us openly. But there are many The country is for its own interests. It doesn’t allow them to be open. It can’t be said in this. It will soon be reconciled… I still can’t say for the sixth time… Hey… Anyway, we are all people in the dark… Live… Just live… Hey

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