The effect of letting go^_^

The effect of letting go^_^

😊 Deeper inner meaning

September 21, 2021 (autumnal equinox and Mid Autumn Festival)

I woke up at 2:00 a.m. for several days
Right overhead space neuralgia

Multi dream, the third dimension of disturbance, doubt and worry, staring inside, releasing, dispelling and healing

Explain: “fully embrace your true self as the source, what incest has done, or how others will react to your thoughts or actions

How to be competent for the work that is easier and happier to change consciousness to the fifth dimension
This is to feel your true self as the source energy,

It’s pure,

Unconditional love,

Is to let this feeling flow through you,
Instead of being embarrassed and afraid of how others will react to your thoughts or actions,

It fully embraces your true self.
When you can do this, you know you are qualified for the job.

∞ ninth Arcturus Committee led by Daniel Scranton

“Hello, we are the Arcturus Committee. We are glad to contact you.

We have an appropriate level of contact with all of you. We will not go beyond any boundaries to provide you with what we can do. We work with your guiding spirit and your higher self to ensure that we do not take you away from your own natural evolution. We want you to know that other benevolent aliens, parliaments, collectives, federations and Other extraterrestrial groups follow the same guidelines. We are cautious about what we provide you so as not to interfere with this development, and you will be very proud when you reach the fifth dimensional frequency range.

You will appreciate the help, but you will also realize that you have done the work yourself. We respect you because we realize that you are competent for the work. You are already doing it and will continue to do it.

Now, what is the “work” we are talking about here? What are you doing to realize the transformation of consciousness and make learning easier and happier into the fifth dimension?

Well, it does involve a lot of awareness of what’s going on inside you. It’s not just about following a set of rules or commandments. Ultimately, it’s about feelings. This work means that once you’re down-to-earth, heart-centered, and put down drugs, alcohol and other distractions, you’ll be willing to feel those feelings.

When you fall into an uncomfortable, unwelcome feeling that no one in your family can admit, you purify.

You’re working for your genetic system. You’re dealing with your previous lives. You’re working for beings in other parts of the galaxy who don’t have your emotions. This shift is not a psychological game or a behavioral game. It’s not about defeating anyone or anything.

This is to feel your true self as the source energy. It is pure and unconditional love. It is to let this feeling flow on you, not afraid of how others will react to your thoughts or actions. It is to fully embrace your true self. When you can do this, you will know that you are qualified for the job.

But you have to experience anxiety, fear, depression, sadness, anger, and sometimes violence to reach your destination. The tricky part is to realize that both exist in your heart, just because you perceive that one does not mean that the other is extinct or denied. You just choose the light and encourage others to do it like us again and again. That’s me How do you see your role in all this. We hold the light, shine, but not too much, and invite you in again and again.

We are the Arcturus Council and we are pleased to establish contact with you. “


Whether your letting go expands the benign relationship between yourself and others, your joy, the joy of others, and the constant spread of joy at home is the result of letting go

Acceptance will make you more involved with others, not only your family, but everyone. Do you understand? Our journey of ascension is not for disconnection, nor for dependence and what to pay for, but for the acceptance of the unity of all things. There is no difference, whether it is your mother or brother, or with outsiders


“Happy Mid Autumn Festival”

“Thank you, teacher. Happy Mid Autumn Festival and boundless maternal love /: strong [gift] [firecracker] [fireworks] /: circle /: Jump

Considering that I haven’t been back in the past two years, I used to go back every summer vacation. Even if it was a long-term closed door practice across the border /:: D, the service situation will suddenly disappear next year, so I’m expected to go back next summer vacation. If the society is not turbulent, how about a class party organized by the people in the group, and go back to Hohhot or Jining to invite the local landlord

Can xinhongyi also come back in Singapore? VICH, Jianqing, Jihua and Kang Jun have a party in Hohhot. Ma Dong, Guodong, Ya Li, Qiao Hui and Fang Zhifang haven’t seen each other for a long time. I wish you take good care of yourself and your family in Austria

In those years, Miss Jia was my first English teacher, but she was more like her mother (it’s really possible). She continued to build her foundation in English for so many years. She has been walking between English and German for five years since she went abroad. Of course, her oral English is still short and she speaks too little. The day before yesterday, she conducted another B1 test for the integration of Austrian immigrants (divided into A1 (primary school), A2 (junior middle school), B1 (high school) and B2 (University) , C1 (work), C2 (teacher major) Most people don’t take the test after B2, because B2 is the requirement of college entrance examination. C1 and C2 are equivalent to German practitioners and professional introduction. The examination is divided into four parts: listening, speaking, reading and writing, and the requirements are opposite to those in China, such as B1. If your oral English is very good, it’s OK to reach A1 in listening, reading and writing, so keep learning and continue to strengthen your oral German

The oral part is divided into three parts. First introduce yourself, then look at the picture and talk, and then organize the theme dialogue in groups of two. The third part is quite challenging for me because I don’t speak much. In addition, I have just come to Klagenfurt klagenfu (close to the former federal state of Yugoslavia, Slovenia, which is the capital of the border state), which is the same as Xia’ao state where I lived before (including Vienna, just like Hebei and Beijing), Lower Austria is close to Upper Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany, so the oral pronunciation of Hujiang German I learned before is still relatively close, because it is close to the accent of Bavaria (Bayern) in southern Germany, but klagenfu is equivalent to a city in southern China, and the oral pronunciation and expression are different, which is emphasized in the immigration examination here “Integration”, that is, whether it is Arabic German, Slovenian German or Spanish German, must be understood in daily life. Even in the listening part, there is sometimes a special German broadcast from non German speaking countries. In short, in the view of the government, the premise of integration is that speaking is above everything

But I said the opposite /:: D broke into the volunteer fire brigade not long after he came here, and put out a rare fire in the village with only three people. It’s a bit like Jihua’s experience when he just joined the work. Even if he didn’t talk much, he established a deep friendship with the old captain, young captain and team members of the fire prevention team, and nothing beats words /: strong

My lover Yan Jing has insisted on taking a language class at Klagenfurt University for two months. I am mainly self-taught and strengthened by teachers. I live and learn. I can’t let age become a reason to maintain youth and vitality. Let my body with good rest and better treatment contribute to bringing me the greatest kinetic energy and exciting energy. Next, I will support the requirements of my family and come to Austria for more than five years I haven’t changed my driver’s license. I took a test in Poland before. I passed the written test and the road test, but Austria doesn’t need a written test, just the road test

At that time, we still got the Polish residence card. The year before last, we re applied for the Austrian residence card and began to renew the immigration residence card for five years. Because we were faced with a choice before, Poland was checked by the European Union and asked to go according to the requirements, that is, there must be language grading requirements, so we didn’t want to learn polish (belonging to the Russian / Slavic language family) If you choose German, the language of your country, you have to apply again. Fan Zheng is OK. They still have energy to toss when they don’t work. We’ll see how to go when the child is old

At this stage, it is a challenge for anyone to take charge of the two children alone. We have a clear division of labor. Yan Jing is in charge of the eldest son’s study and diet, and I am in charge of the children’s play, enlightenment and eating. Eating here can be complex or simple. The whole family has formed a habit. A dinner depends on the mood and physical state at other times. The eldest son is on the fourth day of junior high school, and the children still travel around the world with me every day. There has been no kindergarten When I went to and from Austria, it was because of the service situation. Here, it was because there was no place. Kindergartens gave priority to double and single worker families. I was also prepared not to go to kindergartens. I learned a few Chinese characters and German every day

Don’t worry is the pace of life here. The exam the day before yesterday started at 8:30. It hasn’t started yet at 9:30, because every migrant worker will adjust his state first and then put into work. If he is tired, he will stop. After a good rest, it’s worth learning from China

Only when people have state, rest, healing, motivation and enthusiasm can they have life energy and intelligent expression

Once again, I wish Mr. Jia, like a girl, youthful and full of happiness when he was just a mother

I also wish the students youth and vitality,

Rest and work are balanced,
The higher I am, the lower I am


The effect of letting go
^_^Deeper inner meaning

Whether your letting go expands the benign relationship between yourself and others, your joy, the joy of others, and the constant spread of joy at home is the result of letting go
Acceptance will make you more involved with others, not only your family, but everyone. Do you understand? Our journey of ascension is not for disconnection, nor for dependence and what to pay for, but for the acceptance of the unity of all things. There is no difference, whether it is your mother or brother, or with outsiders

“I don’t know whether stepping back and letting go will be deeper or disconnected in terms of karmic traction. But I think in some areas I know but my mother doesn’t know (such as emotion and family education) As long as I step back, my mother will advance an inch. I know that as a family sister, studying family education is a step in the wrong direction, which is the responsibility of the guardian. However – there are a pair of parents who have no concept of family education, and the facts have proved that their way of education has caused serious harm to you before the age of 19. You can’t wait to die? You have to save yourself Right? You can’t watch the way of yelling and sarcasm fall back on your brother? Alas! I think I’m going to be my own parent.

In your article a few days ago, you mentioned that many individuals like you have been staying in the three-dimensional world. In each life, you wake up on time to preach and teach. I want to ask, do you sometimes feel a little aggrieved and helpless about such a task arrangement, especially when your efforts are not recognized by the world? You always feel like an ancient official being exiled The same [faceperm] “

At first, there was some, because I didn’t know what happened and cried a lot. After six years, Joy came. That’s why this road is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Praise your family education, take care of it if you can, and let go if you can’t. After all, you can’t forcibly interfere with the unfinished karma between mother and son. It will get better slowly, because you have priority over yourself around them Own joy [strong] [strong] [strong]

This is a bit like the relationship between my lover and my son. Before, I had a hand with my lover because of language violence, but later I found that there is an invisible link between mother and son. Such a relationship has to be untied by themselves. What can I do to constantly remind my lover? After her language violence, I also demonstrate that my son and mother also continue to develop a constant reminding relationship, instead of It is a relationship of mutual resistance. Slowly you will find that mother is willing to change and has reflected on her violence

Do your homework and protect your injured boundary. In addition, you should first take care of your vibration level. Sometimes being able to talk doesn’t mean having high vibration
So what really helps people is the acceptance and integration of high vibration, and then the mother and son begin to change

You are helpful and can’t replace others to experience what they should have. No matter how low the vibration in your opinion, continue your observer status, sum up the way to get along with your mother, and believe that you can help others, because you can make yourself grow. This is the power source of helping others [jump] [turn]
You use “traction” on karma With the answer, do you intend to drag this relationship and keep each other from being free, or release yourself and guide through your high vibrational energy, no relationship will be disconnected. It is only because of the karmic task that covers the relationship of the unity of all things, so acceptance will make you more involved with others, not only your mother and family, but everyone, understand, Our journey of ascension is not for disconnection, nor for dependence and what we pay for, but for the acceptance of the unity of all things. There is no difference here, whether it is your mother or brother, or with outsiders

Can you treat your mother and brother like an outsider? This is the deeper inner meaning. First of all, you are not separated from everyone inside, but in fact, our bodies are separated. What should we do

So the homework came, your family accepted everything about them, and helped in the high vibration, and your acceptance consciousness was expanded

How does this acceptance come about? By keeping letting go in the joy of high vibration, we understand that the truth does not necessarily mean that we have really achieved it. What is it? Has your letting go expanded the benign relationship between yourself and others, your joy, the joy of the public, and the joy spreading among your family? This is the effect that letting go should bring

Yes, if you can keep in touch with the higher self, keep in touch all the time, and always devote yourself to your high vibration level, at the beginning, your family will regard you as indifferent and ruthless. In fact, you have been around them and influenced all those who are willing to accept and change in a subtle and silent way

Remember, all your reality is your feedback after you send it, including this life, the previous life and the afterlife. Yes, the afterlife is also included. What is “how to trust the future” mentioned by Sananda in the previous article, not only “don’t resist, don’t fear” The present and what has happened do not have any expectations, non cooperation, distrust, resentment and revenge for the future, that is to say, “you must always trust and believe in the future”, which comes from the decision of the source causal energy, and also does not come from your constraints on yourself and imposed interference on others

Take care of your high vibrational joy, learn, master and master your ability as an observer, creator identity

Bless you, child^_^


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