Learn how to heal from pets: to keep your energy pure is to heal others^_^

Secret 1: don’t talk, just accompany
Secret 2: unconditional acceptance
Secret 3: empathy and connection
Secret 4: the simpler, the more powerful
Secret 5: to keep your energy pure is to heal others

Luka China team awakens high-dimensional consciousness yesterday

Source: hypnotist Nie Fei

Animals know the secret of healing the human mind

This can also happen between people

If I ask you, what are the best imported goods sold in the double 11 Shopping Festival just ended last year? Not imported milk powder, but cat food.

This means that pets represented by cats and dogs have become indispensable companions in the lives of many Chinese people.
Take dogs for example. Humans and dogs have coexisted for more than 140 centuries. In the stone age, human ancestors sitting by the campfire curled up with loyal, hunting and vigil “friends”.

In modern medicine, “Animal Assisted Therapy” is an intervention treatment, which refers to the introduction of healing animals into the treatment under the guidance of professionals, so that the positive energy created by them can act on patients. In addition to cats and dogs, there are dolphins, horses, birds and even goldfish.
Facts have proved that animals do have extraordinary healing energy. They seem to know the secrets of healing, which have long been forgotten by many people.


Secret 1: don’t talk, just accompany

In many situations, we feel obliged to give responses or suggestions to the person sitting opposite. But in fact, maybe the person talking to you is just looking for an opportunity to express himself.

I remember when I was a child, when I was inexplicably unhappy, my parents would always say, “what’s the matter with you? Why do you think so much at a young age? Learn quickly.”

Or when a friend is in a melancholy mood, your various suggestions: “what should you do” may sound more like a condescending command or even irony to him.

But your pet dog won’t say that.

Experiments have proved that animals that have been with you for a long time will even evolve extremely high sensitivity. When you are unhappy, they can even read your emotions, and then quietly accompany you, lick your cheek and help you deal with your emotions together.
Just accompany quietly is enough. This is even the simplest healing method that many people should learn.

Secret 2: unconditional acceptance

Animals can do more than just accompany.

Whether the guide dogs that help the disabled live in film and television works or the criminal investigation dogs that help the police solve cases at critical moments, animals have more specific functional roles.

In the west, animals are widely used in all kinds of treatment and rescue. One of the most common is the treatment / comfort / service dog.

According to Wikipedia, the first person in the world to systematically use dogs for treatment was nurse Elaine Smith. In the 1970s, Elaine noticed that patients’ physical and mental conditions improved after getting along with dogs.

In 1976, Elaine started a project to systematically train dogs to “visit” various institutions and “treat” people in need.

What can a therapeutic dog do?

The most common is that they can bring help to those living in a specific environment (such as hospitals, relief offices, etc.), especially spiritual comfort, pleasure and relaxation, so as to improve the physical, mental, emotional and social state of patients.

Accompanied by treatment dogs, patients’ improvement can sometimes be quantified. A practical example is a patient whose blood pressure is too high to undergo chemotherapy. After spending some time with the treatment dog, he found that the situation had improved to the point where he could be treated.

In addition, the existence of therapeutic dogs can play a certain role in reducing heart rate beat, reducing stress hormone level and enhancing human hormones, and then help slow down a person’s medical needs.

The most important characteristics of therapeutic dogs are not their breed and appearance, but their “temperament”.

These dogs are very friendly, patient, confident and gentle. They will enjoy getting along with humans, stay comfortable anywhere, and provide unconditional “acceptance”.

Healing can be done in a short time.

This is usually due to various opportunities, and the level of consciousness rises rapidly
Link to the pure high concentration of healing energy in the universe
And quickly clean up and transform their own energy body

The more open you are

The more complete you trust the universe and your inner power

This rapid healing is more likely to occur.

Unconditional acceptance can have a magical healing effect, especially between people and animals.

It has been found that under this acceptance, treatment dogs can help people with learning and mental disorders, such as:

Reduce stress and anxiety, including post-traumatic stress disorder;

Alleviate depression;
Relieve loneliness;
Alleviating aggressive behavior;

Enhance your acceptance, so as to promote you to accept more social and emotional support.

Finally, they can enhance your social feelings, make you laugh and make you feel happy.

Secret 3: empathy and connection

Not only healthy animals, sometimes injured animals can also help humans recover.
The New York Times once published such a story:

More than 30 years ago, American Lilly love worked for the coast guard in Alaska. After witnessing the death of six partners in an aircraft accident, Lilly developed severe post-traumatic stress disorder. In the following years, she suffered from emotional torture, alcoholism, psychotherapy, three marriages and divorce.

In 2006, Lily met a group of parrots in serenity park. The parrots were either abandoned or abused by their owners. In short, they are a group of injured pets.
By chance, Lily began to take care of the parrots. Miraculously, Lily’s post-traumatic stress disorder has been greatly alleviated in the process of getting along with the parrot. One side is the traumatized people, the other is the traumatized animals.
In her pure care and company, Lily felt the trauma on the parrots and their strength of recovery. These parrots are becoming more and more dependent on Lily.

Lily and the parrot formed a new relationship and connection, which in turn gave Lily strength.

Finally, on the ruins of nearly 30 years of spirit and life, Lily rebuilt her life by relying on the power given by the parrot.

  Secret 4: the simpler, the more powerful

Simplicity is power.
psychologist   Debbie Custance   It is said that the relationship between man and animals is actually extremely simple and pure, but it is this simplicity and purity that breeds a great power of recovery and comfort.

“When a person expresses his love for you, the moral behind it is actually a little complicated, because this emotion may contain expectation and hope.”

“But it’s different to be with animals. You don’t have to consider the consequences of your interaction. There is no crisis and complexity.

If you are in a difficult time, this relationship is almost a treasure. “

The world of pets is very simple. They eat, sleep and play. There are only owners in their world, and others are related to their owners.

Because of the simplicity of their relationship, pets’ love for their owners is also very pure – no conditions, no care, no harm, no calculation, no comparison.

This unconditional pure love is the most important factor in healing people’s hearts.
Perhaps we can get some inspiration from the relationship between man and animals:

First let your world return to simplicity and let your relationship with others return to purity.
Secret 5: to keep your energy pure is to heal others

The more you heal yourself, the more you help heal the world around you.

When your vibration frequency increases, any field you go to will resonate with you to a higher vibration frequency, and your healing of the outside world will also take place.

The progress of this healing process is your own choice and decision. The essence of healing is unconditional love, infinite consciousness and higher vibration frequency.


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