[five dimensional ascension] Mahama and the initiation of the twelve chakras^_^

[five dimensional ascension] Mahama and the initiation of the twelve chakras

A Li new earth 10 / 11

In the golden age of Atlantis, the frequency was very high and pure. Many great beings and various energies contributed to form a special light pool. To use an analogy, it is like a group of people, each of whom provides raw materials to make a huge fruit cake together. Then they can enjoy the cake together and get nutrients from it.

    This shared energy is combined to form a high-frequency group consciousness, which is called Mahatma, the great master, energy, or the embodiment of the complex. Part of the energy includes the Buddha, Christ, the spirit of peace and tranquility, the white ascending flame, the twelve beams, the silver beam, Metatron, the unicorn and the goddess of love.

    The energy of the goddess of love itself includes the energy of Guanyin, the Virgin Mary, Ms. Nada, Ms. Portia, kumika, master Landau, the land lord of Wusi and the goddess Venus. In addition, it also retains the energy of the Sphinx, which is the creative power in the universe.

    Mahama is the highest energy we can touch at present. Archangel Metatron keeps it in the ninth dimension. It accelerates the path of ascension and helps build the takana bridge to origin. It was created to help us destroy and clean up useless mental, emotional or spiritual patterns, and to keep the glands that control our health and spiritual soundness strong and active.
    When we have problems that have not yet been solved, Mohamad has helped us improve the relevant energy so that we can surpass this challenge. We can transmit this golden and white energy to others. If they are willing to use it, this energy will have a great effect.

    When the vibration of Atlantis fell, this omnipotent, high vibration light was abused, so the light pool was blocked and we were not allowed to use it again. When the harmonics converged in 1987, it began to trickle back into our hands for use. At the cosmic moment of 2012, we earned the right to open the water gate, which now flows to us in large quantities even at a higher frequency for us to pray, use and bathe in.

    Because Mahama is such a special high-frequency golden white light, its frequency is reduced through our monomers and becomes the energy most suitable for our vibration. We can use it to build our crystal light body and prepare for the new golden century. Introduce it into our cells, it will light them up, increase their frequency, so that they can maintain a certain level of light, which is needed for a bright future.

    As we bring the Mahama energy down through our field and body, it flows into the earth to help our planet ascend. Please use it often because it is important for our and the ascension of the earth.

Mahama energy and chakras
    The higher Mahama can activate twelve chakras, which is what it can do when it envelops each chakra.
*Galaxy portal:

    Mahama is here to start our spiritual mind model and connect it with the cosmic masters, the higher self, and all that is.

*Soul Star:
    Muhammad is here to activate and connect our five dimensional mind so that we can remember our talents and talents as masters.

*Karmic wheel:
    Mahama starts the five dimensional mind to strengthen our relationship with the spiritual world and expand our familiar scope to the spiritual world.

*Top wheel:
    Here, our pineal gland absorbs the light code from the source to us, which contains the universal knowledge and wisdom we can accept. The light it emits forms our light body. It protects our DNA structure, not only because we respect the choices of our souls, but also to maintain our spiritual talents and talents and the code of strength so that we can use it when we are ready. The pineal gland also helps us maintain the best divine balance. Melatonin is made here so that this spiritual energy can become a concrete existence in the material world.

*Third eye:
    This is where the pituitary gland is located. The pituitary gland is also considered to be the main gland because its hormone or chemical messenger can control the operation of many other glands, such as those related to the production of urine, growth hormone and ovulation. The pituitary gland is an immortal gland. When it is in complete balance and harmony, we can flow with the abundance of the universe.

    We can ask Mahama energy to reset this gland to produce rejuvenation hormone to keep our body, emotional body and mental body young forever. When it keeps in balance, we are also in balance.

*Throat wheel:
    The thyroid gland in the laryngeal chakra controls our metabolism and antibody production. Mahama energy can help this gland balance our metabolism in the best way and make us energetic. The parathyroid gland here enables us to absorb calcium, balance the amount of calcium, and keep our bones strong and healthy.

    On the spiritual level, when this chakra is in complete harmony, it will allow us to begin to understand all species and communicate with them in a telepathic way. It also retains some of our Atlantis power.

    Our thymus is here. It controls the immune system. When it works in balance and harmony, we are strong, healthy and open-minded. We can ask Mahama to balance our thymus and keep us alive and healthy.

*Solar plexus:
    Here, the pancreas processes sugar and physical, emotional and mental nutrients. It secretes insulin and digestive enzymes, enabling us to absorb emotional and mental freshness and sweetness. When it is in a harmonious state, we show self-worth and wisdom. This Mahama energy will contain the vibrational face and mark of higher wisdom. This wisdom will eventually benefit us.

*Umbilical wheel:
    The Mahama energy is here to help activate the ascended five dimensional aspects of the reproductive organs and let us see the power available to us to create. This aspect will communicate with a new soul when it is time to become a parent and bring him / her in. It retains the powerful masculine power of a great creator. It also began to put the keys and codes of manifestation (facilitated by our meditation) in place.

*Reproductive wheel:
    Here, our gonads, ovaries and testes control the sexual and reproductive organs of the body. Mahama energy stimulates our glands, helps our sex hormones work in the best way, and allows us to introduce supreme love. If any of our glands were cut off, Mahama would operate on the etheric glands and let them perform the same function.

*Submarine wheel:
    In the lower dimensions, this is where we respond to fight or escape situations. Mahama energy illuminates us and gives us strength to walk on the path of trust, faith, spiritual cultivation and supreme joy.

*Earth Star Chakra:
    The Mahama energy in the Earth Star Chakra helps us to root our potential in the earth and activate it. It also initiates our spiritual grounding on earth and our connection to the heart of Gaia. It helps us find our five dimensional blueprint again, a perfect picture of the sanctity of life.
Call for higher Mahama energy

  1. Pray for brilliant Mohamad energy: [I now pray that Mohamad energy flows through my body and the whole energy system to speed up the ascension process of me and the earth, so that I can use my life to serve God.]
  2. You may realize, feel, or see a golden white energy flowing down through your monad into the Galactic portal chakra, filled with the Holy Grail.
  3. Let the beautiful golden and white light pour down into your soul star and fill it.
  4. Let the Mahama energy now flow into the karmic wheel and fill it.
  5. Let mehama flow into your top wheel. Visualize your pineal gland as a small ball, let the golden white Mohamad energy flow around it, let the ball relax, become soft, full, complete, balanced, full of energy, and active.
  6. Let the golden light flow down to the center of your third eye. Visualize your pituitary gland as a ball and let Mahama energy relax it so that the ball becomes full, complete, balanced, energetic and active. In your heart, ask it to secrete hormones that can rejuvenate you and make your body, emotion and mental body young, free and mobile. Imagine that you are completely healthy, energetic, open-minded and inclusive, happy, full of joy, and have enlightened views on everything. Open yourself to the richness of the universe.
  7. Relax and focus on the center of the throat chakra. Visualize your thyroid gland as a small ball. Let the golden white Mohamad energy flow around it and make it more and more relaxed. Feel it absorb the golden and white light, become full, complete, balanced, full of energy, and active. Imagine this light shining on all dimensional beings in order to establish communication with each other.
  8. Let the golden white energy go down into the heart chakra to strengthen your immune system. Realize that your thymus is like a small ball, absorbing golden light, becoming full, complete, balanced, energetic, and active. Feel your heart open and send light and love to everyone. Its energy becomes very powerful, so that you can extend and connect to Venus, the heart of the universe.
  9. Let the mehama energy flow down into your solar plexus, wrap your pancreas, make it full, complete, balanced, full of energy, and active in the highest way for you. When your deepest wisdom and self-worth begin to appear, feel that the old things are also being washed away. Feel your sublimity.
  10. Let mehama energy flow into your umbilical chakra, feel the fusion of golden light energy and your bright orange chakra, and activate its higher-level potential.
  11. Feel the reproductive chakra of Mahama energy into pink light. This light surrounds your reproductive chakras, making them full, complete, balanced, energetic, and active in the best way for you. It is activating supreme love and filling it with this chakra.
  12. Relax when this golden white light fills your undersea wheel. Feel this energy around your adrenal glands, making them full, complete, balanced, energetic and active, able to respond to challenges in a calm and clear manner.
  13. Now this energy moves down and fills your Earth Star Chakra. Visualize the golden and white light surrounding your yin-yang symbol and fill it.
  14. It flows into the earth and forms a large Mahama light pool under you.
  15. Let the Mahama above the energy body flow through your entire energy body, your emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. It destroys all old vibrations and allows you to reach higher potential. It is building your crystals to prepare for the new golden century.
  16. Visualize Mahama energy flowing to all corners of the world, destroying everything old and allowing new patterns to emerge.
  17. Imagine that the earth is shrouded in the golden light of mehama.
  18. Imagine this golden white light column forming a bridge from your galaxy portal to the source.
  19. Invite Seraphina, the powerful six winged angel, to sing above you and stabilize the Mohamad energy in your inner and your antakarana bridge.


Accept the cloak of the Archangel

A Li new earth 10 / 8

Because the frequency of the earth rises rapidly, archangels Metatron and St. Delphine are happy to give a special energy cloak (containing a specific light code) to those who are ready. All the high-level priests and priests who once lived here are reincarnated again. If you have such an identity in any culture in the world, you will naturally receive these Archangel cloaks, but you have to make a request first.

    If you have never been a high priest, but still desire to serve the world, your soul must decide whether you want to wear this cloak of light and power, so relax and believe that if you want to receive the cloak, you are right.

Metatron’s Cloak
    Archangel Metatron is a powerful archangel who is leading the earth into ascension. In order to put on the archangel cloak, we must first do the basic work of ascension. Therefore, we must open the twelve five dimensional chakras, and after we put on our cloak, it will keep them open. When we are in harmony with its energy, it will also protect us from the influence of three-dimensional energy.

    When we are ready to put this cloak on the field, the desire to serve will rise, so we will naturally help others on the path of ascension. This is bound to strengthen their ability so that they can see what they really are and know what they can do.

    When we put on the cloak of Metatron, we can also get close to the inner space. We can enter the Great Crystal Pyramid to connect the four ascending planets, stars and milky way – Pleiades, Neptune, Orion and Sirius, and absorb their wisdom into our energy field.

Golden and silver Cloak
    The golden and silver cloak brings us a perfect balance, which is important for the process of ascension. It balances our masculine and feminine – high-level male / female priest energy, our wisdom and strength, our ability to give and accept, and the ability to make decisions in the best balanced way between intuition and facts. It allows us to understand harmony and gives us a sense of self reinforcement. It also gives us the courage to love. Once our cloak starts, it will be like a glittering pink light field, representing higher love.

    When we wear cloaks, we attract people, animals and conditions like magnets. Therefore, we can attract, for example, the best home, the right partner, or a job that suits our spiritual purpose. Wearing a gold and silver cloak will bring us into a higher frequency and a state of harmony with all things. This means that we can become one with one around us, and we can even disappear when our energy is consistent with the energy around us.

    We can also attract angel sound waves and use them to purify the space and people around us. Then everything can happen because we enter the wonders and mysteries of the universe. We can put this cloak on others or other groups so that they can feel this magic.

    Finally, when we wear a cloak, we can touch the seven dimensional geocentric space and obtain the knowledge and wisdom of the earth. You can also go up to the angel world of the seventh dimension and get enlightenment.

    Archangel St. Stephen is in charge of the Earth Star Chakra, and Archangel Metatron is in charge of the galaxy portal chakra. They will give you this golden and silver cloak together in this meditation. We divide the process of getting this gift into several parts. You can do it separately or together.

Accept Metatron’s cloak and gold and silver cloak

  1. Use these words to pray to the glorious Archangel Metatron: [dear Metatron, I respectfully request that you give me your golden orange cloak of ascension.]
  2. Sitting in a receptive position, you may realize or feel that Archangel Metatron puts this cloak in your field. Your aura is full of golden orange light. See yourself glowing like the golden orange sun.
  3. Wearing Metatron’s Cloak of light, you can now embark on the journey of inner earth space. So relax and get ready to go.
  4. Find yourself sliding down and deeper into the earth.
  5. When you enter the frequency of the seventh dimension, you may see the special light of the earth. Feel the peace and joy.
  6. You may see representatives of different cultures, or animals that have disappeared on the surface, or even the angels of Gaia.

Enter the Crystal Pyramid

  1. In the inner earth space, in front of you is a huge etheric Crystal Pyramid. You walk towards it with curiosity and respect, and it emits a magical light.
  2. Go in and sit on the throne waiting for you in the middle. You are shrouded in peace, security, inspiration and love. Your Metatron cloak enables you to maintain the light code to be downloaded from the following stars in the field: four ascending stars, planets and the Pleiades, Orion, Sirius and Neptune. Relax, take a deep breath and be ready to accept this spiritual gift.
  3. Realize that there is an energy portal to the Pleiades. The source sends the healing directly to the Pleiades, and then the Pleiadian masters and angels send it down to earth.
  4. The soft blue healing light poured down through this portal and enveloped you. It filled your heart. The light code of health and vitality is now being downloaded into your inner world.
  5. Turn your attention to Orion, the gateway to higher wisdom. The information and knowledge held in your field may have been set there in advance, waiting to be used in your life, or use it to influence others. Orion masters have direct access to the original wisdom. They can tell you whether you can use your knowledge in the best interests and how to use it.
    Feel the pure white light pouring from the Orion energy portal into your soul Star Chakra to strengthen your connection with higher wisdom. Let this light flow into your aura and touch all the keys and codes you have with your original wisdom. Relax, you know that real wisdom will guide you when you make decisions.
  6. Now focus on the portal to Sirius. Many higher knowledge in the universe can be found in Sirius. The spiritual technology needed for your glorious future is saved here and waiting to be downloaded. Now open yourself to the input of higher knowledge and spiritual technology symbols and light codes.
  7. Tune to the gateway to Neptune, a planet that holds the higher wisdom, truth and light of Atlantis and Lemuria. All the keys and codes needed to unlock the knowledge, wisdom, talent and power used at that time are now waiting to be returned to our field in the language of light. When you are ready, Neptune’s masters will start them. Golden ascension Atlantis is now closer to you.
  8. Your field has received a powerful light and power. Relax and let the light pour out for a while.
  9. Remain open to receive the blessings of Archangel Metatron and the masters of the four ascending planets, stars and the Milky way. Be in the glory of your true master power.
  10. In the Great Pyramid leaving the center of inner earth space, pay close attention to your golden orange Metatron cloak. Thank Archangel Metatron as you pass through this seven dimensional dimension and confirm that you will help others enhance their strength and enable them to embark on the path of ascension.
  11. If you want to stop now, feel yourself walking with joy and curiosity through seven dimensions, and then reduce your energy until you find yourself at the beginning. Or you can continue to relax to get a gold and silver cloak.
    Accept a gold and silver cloak
  12. You are about to accept the golden and silver cloak given to you by Archangel Metatron and St. Devon. Show that you are willing to put on this cloak: [dear Archangel Metatron and St. Delphine, I respectfully ask you to give me a golden and silver cloak representing perfect balance and magnetic attraction. I promise I will use its power to do what is most beneficial to all.]
  13. See, feel, or imagine Archangel Metatron standing on your right and Archangel St. Stephen on your left.
  14. Above you, they hold a large piece of gold and silver light, which looks like glowing silk.
  15. They gently hung the golden and silver cloak on you and patted it carefully to let it enter your aura.
  16. As it integrates with your field, your heart opens and emits a soft pink light. When you light up, take a deep breath.
  17. Your energy is completely balanced at the moment. Realize that your light extends up to the seventh dimension and down to the inner space of the earth.
  18. You can attract what is good for you. See or realize that you attract everything that is in your best interest. Take some time to enjoy this.
  19. Archangels Metatron and St. Stephen gave you a gold and silver cloak and thanked them.
  20. Realize that you are walking in your golden and silver cloak and wearing the seventh dimension.
  21. Then lower your energy until you find yourself back to the starting point. Now you have a Metatron cloak and / or a gold and silver cloak in your field. Use it with love and gratitude, because you are really blessed. You are the messenger of light. To strengthen this cloak in the field. You can do this meditation whenever necessary. At this moment they are protecting your higher light. 😊 Forgiveness of karma A Li new earth 10 / 5 At the end of Lemuria, a small and selected soul group petitioned the source, hoping to experience life in the form of entity. When their request was granted, these beings became the first participants in the first experiment of Atlantis. With this material body, they are given free will and go through the curtain of forgetting in order to forget their sacred self. Many people soon find it difficult to connect with the source. Their experience forms the basis of the current basic human lineage. Those who observe in the higher realms know that the experience of life on earth creates a causal process that requires a spiritual law of karma to make it work. Therefore, we are regulated by the law of karma at the moment of falling to the three-dimensional opposition between the two poles. This kind of designer wants us to experience what we have done to others, which is the basic learning tool provided by the earth school. All thoughts, words and actions attract the same energy back to themselves. Good, warm and loving thoughts, words and actions will get the same return. Positive attraction positive, negative attraction negative. During the Atlantis period, everyone on earth tried to experience as much as possible when exploring life at different frequencies. But at the same time as this happens, each life coming here, including the masters, creates karma. Each of our thoughts, words and actions will be measured by this rigorous law. We have now reached a point when we are all ready to step out of the wheel of karma and enter the fifth dimension with honor. In order to do this, we must clear up the karma for a long time and learn the relevant topics as soon as possible. It is not only the individual karma that needs to be cleared, but many families also carry the ancestral karma accumulated from generation to generation. National karma also exists throughout the country. Karmic Committee The karmic Committee governs and supervises the use of karma by everyone around the world. It contains twelve highly luminous beings. The following are their names and the light they symbolize: Beam 1: Great divine director Beam 2: the statue of Liberty Beam 3: Ms. Nada Beam 4: Pallas Athena Beam 5: Elohim Vista – Angel of creation Beam 6: Guanyin Beam 7: Ms. Portia Beam 8: Jesus Beam 9: Josiah Beam 10: Abraham Beam 11: Peter the great Beam 12: Catherine of Siena Three of the twelve goddesses have come forward to assist lightworkers in accelerating their ascension journey so that they no longer have to do the service work they have to do in their incarnation to earth. These three goddesses are Guanyin, Ms. Portia and Ms. Nada, and we will ask for their divine karmic forgiveness in meditation.
  22. Meditation on karmic forgiveness
    1. Find a place where you can relax without being disturbed. Light candles if possible.
  23. Sit quietly, breathe naturally, and hope to petition the goddess of the karmic Committee for forgiveness of karma.
  24. Visualize the roots extending down from your feet, deep into the earth, and let yourself be rooted in the earth.
  25. Ask Archangel Michael to put on his dark blue protective cloak for you. When he surrounds you with his power and pure love, realize that his light is with you.
  26. Call the giant fire dragon and ask it to eliminate all thick and stuck frequencies. Feel their blazing flame melt away everything that is not good for you.
  27. Once you feel clear and pure, call the goddess of karma with the following prayer:
    [dear karmic goddesses, Guanyin, Ms. Portia and Ms. Nada, representatives of the “holy feminine in the water bottle century of pure love”, I (name), now ask you for karmic forgiveness (if you don’t know what to ask, the goddesses will know what you need to clean up) I promise in the name of light that I will use this freedom to fully undertake my sacred task and serve all things.]
  28. Now the three karmic goddesses appear in the crystal ball of your third eye.
  29. Guanyin, which emits a beautiful pink light, holds your hand and walks through a beautifully decorated garden together. You feel calm, brilliant and peaceful.
  30. During the journey, Guanyin asked what karma and circumstances you want to clear, and told her in your heart,
  31. You go down several steps, where there are four positions. Ms. Portia walked forward. She pointed out your position with a brilliant golden light and a pure silver light representing grace.
  32. Ms. Nada smiled and said: [dear soul, we have seen your life course on earth, and we have paid close attention to every life you have experienced on many planets, galaxies and other dimensions in the past. Your service to the earth is excellent, and we have heard your request to clear karma. We have agreed to your request so that you are no longer bound by various restrictions on the condition that You must learn your subject to a sufficient degree and take up your responsibilities.]
  33. Ms. Portia stands up. She gently puts her hand on your top chakra, and you feel a beautiful and calm vibration flowing through you, all the way to your feet. This vibration is constantly transmitted, through your body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body, through your Qi field and energy field, through the timeline of your current life, and through the karma of your ancestors, melting the relationship with you The conscious and unconscious actions of all blood related people, through the actions of people in the country you were born into, through time and space, through everything you experience in all different worlds and universes from the moment your soul was born.
  34. Sit quietly and notice that the silver light of forgiveness fills every cell of your body. You can see this light clearly.
  35. Guanyin stands in front of you, wearing a beautiful oriental robe. She sleeps quietly with a pink dragon on her shoulder. She puts her right hand on your heart. You feel the pure and unconditional vibration of love flowing through your body and healing every part of your life. This incredible flow of beautiful energy melts and forgives every low-frequency idea, word or action For.
  36. When she retracts her hand, you feel the 33 petals of the heart chakra open like a pure white rose. You realize that this energy also passes through the time, space and reality you have been in.
  37. The three karmic goddesses are now standing up. You too, and feel radiant and light as a feather.
  38. When you thank them, they put their hands on their heart chakras to show their respect for you and say goodbye to you.
  39. They take you back to the steps and back. You go back alone and back to your sacred space.
  40. Know that you have a lot of divine blessings. The goddesses have eliminated your karma from the Akashic records, so that you can easily enter the fifth dimension. You can serve freely under the guidance of the love of the higher self. Every thought, word and behavior will still cause you new karma, but you can go to the Aquarius century and share with the great team To create interstellar history on earth.
  41. Keep your eyes closed and call Archangel Metatron to let his beam of light go down through your chakras into the earth star.
  42. Ask Archangel St. Delphine to help your roots firmly rooted in Gaia and inner earth space.
  43. Thank them.
  44. Open your eyes, gently stretch your body and smile. You are free on the road to becoming familiar with the ascension course.
    [five dimensional ascension] meditation on the blue star seal of Atlantis
    A Li new earth 10 / 2
    At present, energy is changing rapidly, leading to the disintegration of the protection methods used by many people. The meditation sealed by Atlantis blue star is a kind of meditation to protect power, which can be used for individuals and space, such as houses, schools or cars.
    This meditation applies to every place and everyone, but to be effective, we must believe that once we pray for it, it will clear your personal space and unconditionally protect and support us.
    We can also use this energy on others and elsewhere, but it is appropriate to use it only under the law of grace and after making a request to the client’s higher self.
    This meditation effect is very good, with the help of fire dragons, who are four dimensional energy cleaning experts. Once we pray for them, they will go there according to the direction we guide, burn all lower frequencies and frequencies and transform them. They are especially good at burning really stuck and thick energy, and are happy to do so.
    The Atlantis technology we used, called the blue star seal, was provided by Tut, and he used it every day to defend his space and energy during his incarnation in Atlantis and Egypt. It was activated through his soul Star Chakra, and then put this protective field around him, which was fixed by the archangel Metatron In the ninth dimension. No matter where it is, it will move with it, like a personal force field using the sacred geometry of Atlantis’s hexagonal star.
    With the blue light assistance of Tut and Archangel Michael, we can also use this protection field made of the most important sacred geometry. For our interests, any positive energy we choose can be placed in this protection sign. It can be our gas field or energy field, house or office or other places. Then we make a request Archangel Metatron will keep the blue star seal in our aura until we ask him to let go.
    Finally, the archangel St. Stephen will pass through our Earth Star Chakra and root us in the inner space of the earth to ensure that the energy is completely stable and that we will not receive too much energy without [lightning rod]. How much to put in the gas field is up to us.
    This meditation can only be used after our twelve chakras are opened and activated. Once it starts working, it will give us the opportunity to start using these chakras more deeply and let us know more about their potential and power. The more we focus on them, the more we use them, the better.
    We can also use this meditation to fix the frequency we require in our energy field and protect them from interference. When we use it, tut will activate and strengthen our soul Star Chakra and promote our ascension. This meditation is short and easy to use.
    Please accept the blue star seal
    First prayer
  45. Say: [dear fire dragon, I (name), please thoroughly clean up the lower frequencies in my Qi field, body and energy field. I especially ask you to clean up all (such as fatigue, anxiety, anxiety, poverty consciousness, negative etheric energy, negative forces, or anything you want to know that is affecting your energy, space and light.)]
    Make the statement clear. The fire dragon will clean up anything you want to clean up.
  46. Sit quietly and watch them burn all your [things] with a raging flame.
  47. When you feel clean and calm, ask them to stop.
  48. Thank them.
    Second prayer
  49. Say: [powerful Tut, I now pray you to activate your blue star seal.]
  50. Above your head, in the part of the soul Star Chakra, the bright blue light will start.
  51. Imagine a blue dome coming down from above and surrounding you.
  52. You stand in the center of a bright blue hexagon, and the dome surrounds it. This is the geometry of your protective power.
  53. Call the powerful Archangel Michael and ask him to put any energy you choose into this seal. Here are several very powerful energies that are most suitable for you: the golden light of Christ, the purple flame of cosmic diamond, your connection with the monad, the ascension energy of Archangel Metatron, the light of your favorite Archangel or ascension master, such as that of Archangel Gabriel Diamond white light, Archangel Raphael’s emerald green light, Guanyin’s light pink light of love, God kumika’s deep transformative blue-green light. They will give you anything you want as long as you ask.
  54. Expand what you ask for, such as a sense of prosperity, divinity, radiant best health, happiness, vitality, self-confidence, or other good qualities. Be sure to ask in positive words.
  55. Ask Tut and Archangel Michael to strengthen and support this seal.
  56. Thank them both.
    Last prayer
  57. Say: [Archangel Metatron, I pray you to connect my blue star seal with your ninth dimensional frequency. I ask you to lower a pillar of light now, pass through my monad, each chakra, and then enter the inner earth space. Archangel St. Devon will root it here and protect it. Please make sure that a clean and continuous flow of energy has been established and protected until I ask Please release it. Thank you.]
  58. Once you make this request to him, Archangel Metatron will send a high-frequency beam down from the ninth dimension through your monad presence, and then it will pass through your galaxy portal, soul star, karmic wheel, top wheel, third eye, throat wheel, heart wheel, solar plexus, umbilical wheel, reproductive wheel, undersea wheel, and finally reach the Earth Star Chakra and enter the center of the earth Space.
  59. Archangel St. Stephen will then root it here. Each of your chakras is now fully open and vibrating at a five dimensional frequency. You will always be blessed and fully protected.


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