Because you have a higher self, you have more confidence to meet the challenge^_^

Because you have a higher self, you have more confidence to meet the challenge^_^

“Mr. Sasa, there is a small problem. I frequently call the higher self to go online today. I want to give all my problems, especially my feelings, to the higher self. I’m too lazy to think. Is it a little irresponsible? I’m a little tired. My brain often keeps turning for 24 hours. I feel that God has told me the answer to dizziness, that is, my brain is too active.”

It’s right to sleep when you’re tired and deliver completely. That’s the part of the higher self task to help complete your feelings and walk on the soul plan. Therefore, smoothness is a plan, and challenges are also a plan. In any situation, you return to balance and relax, even after conflicts, disputes and surging emotions. Therefore, this is a process to build your confidence in the higher self, No matter what you encounter in the future, you are confident. Because the higher self is energetic and unwilling to let go, there will be greater challenges. Because you have the higher self, you will have more challenging tasks before you really stabilize in the higher self vibration and live from inside to outside. However, you will enhance your confidence and courage to go on, Because you live without others /: strong /: jump /: circle [fireworks]

“Is it that the higher self is a planner and a worry? I’ll take a look, play and experience, and don’t miss anything”

Of course not. You are the higher self. Everything comes from you. Everything happens from you, including the higher self. This is the root. The higher self just represents one aspect of you and can’t work for you. You should take full responsibility. However, this full responsibility is different in the eyes of high vibrators. You can experience it or not. Continue to devote yourself to being connected with the higher self all the time, Then take the excitement and impulse of the higher self to meet the challenge. Meeting the challenge is the plan to connect the higher self. Flying away is not^_^

“It’s not running away to meet the challenge with the excitement and impulse of the higher self. Running away is separation, linking the higher self is unity, forcing yourself to be happy is separation, and meeting the challenge with excitement is unity. Is it an impulse after calming down with excitement?”

There will be peace only when you relax first. There will be happiness only when you have a long time of peace. There will be joy only after you are not attached to happiness. Joy and excitement are accompanied. Of course, you will also be excited when you focus on your interests, but you will not be continuously connected with the higher self to last and live more in life and life

“I see. I’m still not relaxed enough. I can’t be calm for a long time. Naturally, it’s not real joy. It’s powerful, Mr. Sasa. It’s a profound and subtle method. You speak so clearly. I’ll continue to practice it [twirl] [twirl] [twirl]”

Well, there is only one truth. Live your own truth /: strong /: jump /: circle [fireworks]


Feel the power flowing in your body. This is the best experience you have prepared for yourself on earth.

Ego don’t like challenges, because I just want to know that everything will be better, safe, comfortable, taken care of and so on. But the soul longs for these challenges because the soul knows that its journey is to grow and evolve, expand on an empirical level and become more source energy. You may know that you are a source energy being, but it is completely different to experience this cognition through what you think, do, or even better feelings.

When you realize that helping others is helping yourself, this is an experience of source energy. When you love someone, although the other person has not done anything worthy of your love, this is also a source energy experience. When you listen to others, although you know they are complaining and repeating the same thing, and then say some friendly words and support to them, this is also a source energy experience. When you feel that you are one with everyone, when you are in the state of unity consciousness, it is an experience of source energy. When everything and everyone around you suddenly change because someone or a group suddenly broke in and changed all these things instead of you, you won’t have the above experience. There are many, many more experiences.

You want those experiences. You’re here for those experiences. You’re here for exercise, but not from point a to point B. It is the movement of your soul from one level of consciousness to another, from the ego centered to the higher ego centered. This is what you want and what you want to experience. This is what you get and will continue to get. If you have experienced the experiences we are talking about here, you will know how beautiful these experiences are, and you won’t want all the changes to happen outside you first. Because these changes will make you relax temporarily, but they will also create new challenges, new problems and new obstacles.

So bless your world today and thank you for every experience you have, because they give you the opportunity to feel what you have never felt before. You don’t have to be grateful because God likes grateful people. God is not a king, and you are not farmers. You have created all this together with the source. It is because of you that the source can grow with you. Thank you for your willingness to come to the edge of creation.

When you ask questions, you are actually creating what you want, so everything is fine. We want you to remember that you are very powerful. Feel the power flowing in your body. This is the best experience you have prepared for yourself on earth.

What if the world really changed completely? -9d-arcturian-council/

Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We constantly invite you to join us at a higher frequency, because we know that this is what you ultimately want, although you also want something else. You think you want change on earth, but what if it does? What if everything has changed, but no one wants to change himself? You will eventually encounter such problems.
This is why the real change in your heart is the only way to change the external reality and make these changes lasting. It is also the reason why you really want to change as a soul.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.

The energy from the central sun is also pushing you to move together.
Original AnAngel AnAngel Today icSovnozP9RQ
Dear Earth brothers! I’m kalighal! Commander of the Pleiadian ship!
I am very happy to be here today. I can tell you that our ships are beautiful, and each one shines more brightly than the other. Yes, we have learned to plant flowers on the boat. We are decorating everything for the “big day”. We are very satisfied with the progress of the whole process. We can say that we are in the cleaning stage, cleaning up everything left by those who want to destroy the planet. All used technologies will be reversed so that you can use them later.
We are not playing chess or watching TV here, because these things can’t attract us at all. They can’t transmit good energy 99.99% of the time. But we are not stagnant. We’re not just pretending here to see what you’re doing through our ship’s window. Destroy and fight. The task of this stage is over. The present stage is transformation, which still emits lower vibrational energy on your planet. Yes, we no longer have the weapons to destroy the planet, but we still have the weapons to release the negative energy that controls your thoughts.
So now we are doing the final fine cleaning work, cleaning up every small corner of the earth, every place where there was a military base, where there are those missing. The cleaning of the surface is also going on. It is so quiet that no one notices it. This is our intention. We don’t want to cause panic. When all the processes are completed, enlightenment will come. The day of great awakening is coming.
So many people think we’ve left, or we’re just playing ball all day. I must say that some games on your planet are very interesting. We are studying hard, but we are not very skilled, but please rest assured that we have learned a lot from you. We have not only learned to observe you, but also learned to appreciate some of your habits and customs. Rest assured that this will reverberate throughout the universe. Because when we return to our homes and to our planet, we will expand what we have learned here.
So please be sure that you will change a lot of things in the universe, because we have learned a lot. There are some things we don’t like very much. Over time, you will learn not to repeat them. These are habits that reduce your vibration and you will forget them sooner or later. At this point, we can mention any type of addiction, whether mental or physical, but it is part of evolution itself, and over time you will learn to replace them through the balance of your mind and body.
So please know and be sure that we are still here and we will not stagnate. Physically and technically, we are all working hard to prepare for the next stage. At this stage, you will be able to access everything that has been taken from you, everything that has existed and has never been disclosed, and these things are in the hands of those who don’t want you to know anything. They will be released, they will be displayed, and they will act in a positive way throughout mankind.
We are preparing the healing process, which is very necessary at this time. Great human beings are seriously ill, mainly emotional diseases. A disease that causes physical imbalance. Therefore, we are preparing a series of actions so that you can participate and eliminate these imbalances bit by bit.
Our treatments are quantum, and they will never bring you pain or any harm. The aim of these treatments is to balance each cell. So realize that this is not an easy job. This is not a simple pill. You will take and automate your whole body to get balance. You still have free will. To heal one’s free will is the key to the success of these treatments.
Therefore, we will provide it to those who really want to participate. But everything has its own moment. Everything happens at the right time. So we are not static. When everything is revealed, you will see what we have been doing. The spots removed from your planet, each spot has accumulated hundreds of millions of years of energy, and all this is being transformed. This is a thorough and hard work. Each of us has a mission entrusted to us by our leaders. The leaders of the whole process: Sananda and Saint Germain.
So we are working with the whole process that is going on, all of us, not just us, the Pleiadians. All races here are with these beings, pushing the energy of the earth to change as gently as possible.
So don’t think we’re sleeping. We’re working and working hard. It’s a very happy job. Because when we see a point on your planet completely purified and completely disconnected from the negative energy implanted there, it will bring great happiness to the team and others working there. Because we know that this place is liberated and can ascend freely.
Therefore, we are working hard. Soon you will see the results of our work. Be patient, we note that this virtue has not deteriorated in you, and you are not very anxious. But we can tell you: waiting is worth it. Each day is worth it, because each day is an opportunity for more purification, more evolution and more understanding of your soul in each of your journey. You are not stationary, and the energy from the central sun is pushing you to move together.
So everything is moving forward. This is a great goal. You are almost on the finish line, almost on the finish line of the great awakening. Everything happens, everything has its own time, but the signal is green so that we can appear, and we can show you everything we want to teach you. As has been said here countless times: each of you has a US. Open your heart and build this link.
Today, this link is easier to achieve, because with the arrival of light, you move forward and your vibration is different from that many years ago. All, contact with us is much easier, just ask from the heart. Let each of you find your own way. Say hello to us, wave to us and make sure we pay attention and answer you. Do you want to talk to us? In the same way, send a phrase, a question, and you’re sure to get a reply.
Innate characteristics – Part I (recording)
Original, why did you stop me Kryon Cleon yesterday k9VZZMlq3Eg
Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled live on October 6, 2021
Why stop me
Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Hello to you.
Honey, I’m here because of your brilliance. There is no other reason for the other side of the curtain to transmit information to humans. Unless we have something you need to know, and we understand that you still don’t understand, or you still don’t realize, you don’t recognize. If you want to know the reason for channeling. I would say that the reason for channeling is to provide information and energy from the brilliant creator to the soul of the family. There are so many things hidden on this planet at the moment, and the first thing to be hidden is that you are a member of this creation family, born brilliant rather than dirty. We will repeat this until my partner’s last breath. Please understand that what you are told may not be all the facts.
I want to start a series of four channelings. It will be the subject we have been in contact with, and my partner has taught it at the meeting. But we hope to tell it as completely as possible in the four channelings. It has something to do with what’s hidden. Those who watch similar programs may have heard of it. This kind of program will provide profound facts, which may be the core facts for them. For others, it is not a fact at all, but an inexplicable thing. But these strange things will open and move more obviously, as a fact, to so many people who have never thought of it.
Almost all the guests on this program will tell you the turning points in their lives. What they experienced, what they were taught, until they found something. They will tell you that the “life” they were taught is so small that what they later found is much larger than it. The advantage is that they don’t have to throw away all the things they have learned before, but they are bigger, better and expanded. Perhaps you have heard of a loving God, creator, who actually knows you. The rest of the story expands on things you didn’t think about. If you are part of that source, then you have the ability to use tools you don’t know for the time being. This is also the purpose of this program. I’m talking about one of them now. The whole reason this program exists is to let you understand that so many things belong to you. You can do it yourself to get through this difficult time, treat you, take away your fear, and put you in a place where you can live longer.
Honey, it’s true. Although it’s not what you heard when you were born. This is the fact that you have learned, perhaps in a state of awakening, in the era of your choice. We’ll talk about congenital. Four amazing characteristics of congenital. Congenital four unusual attributes.
The first attribute we want to discuss is: what is it? What the hell is it? Even this is confusing to many people. We will start another program to discuss “where is it?” which will be the most puzzling topic. People have so many problems about congenital. Where is it? What is it? In the third week, we will discuss how to use it. What is the best way to capture your innate instincts? The fourth week is about innate hidden attributes. What else does it have? Maybe we didn’t.
Therefore, in this first section, we will try to define congenital. But in this definition, there will be repetition. That is to say: for those who have heard similar channeling before and those who have heard my partner channeling, what you hear will be repeated. Someone asked, “have you repeated this topic before?” yes. But now there are so many viewers who are watching this program that they have never heard of it. The second reason is that you can’t listen to it often. Because it’s not just information. This is the true energy transfer about your own body and what’s inside it. The reason why you can’t listen often is that even those who say they have heard it, I will ask them, “so why don’t you use it?” because I can conclude that you really don’t know much about your own characteristics.
I gave it an analysis a long time ago. You have many characteristics, congenital is: you have a Boeing 747, but you just let it drive around on the runway all your life. And proud of it: look, my big plane, look how fast it drives on the runway! I never thought you could fly! It’s like this.
What is it? It is called “smart body”, which immediately shows that congenital is not in three dimensions, it is not physical. You might ask, “it’s not in physics, where is it? Is it in consciousness?” part yes. We’ll talk about that later.
Imagine that your cellular structure has a superimposed consciousness, which has nothing to do with your brain. This is the best definition I can give at the moment. The overlapping cellular structure consciousness means that there is a field in your body. It is not the field outside your body, but in your body, surrounding every physical process. Now, I don’t just mean cellular processes. Because consciousness is also an attribute of the body, it is inherently linked to consciousness.
Question: “is innate also linked to spirituality?” this is the question for next week. We talked about it. Now let’s define what it does. It’s so charming! It attracts countless scientists, spiritual lovers, and even those who study technology. Because there are so many things in nature. Let’s see what it does.
It is called “smart body” because it knows itself better than you. It also knows the subconscious. Now, this is a revelation. Your nature can bypass subconscious programming because it knows what’s going on in your body. You may think you know what’s going on in your body, but this “thinking” is based on a consciousness that contains obstacles. But there is no congenital obstacle.
Let’s go straight to the magical place. Your birth corresponds to spontaneous healing. Period. Now there may be something in your body that annoys you. You may be very nervous about fighting it and changing it. It may be disease or something else. They are all in your own consciousness, in your logic, “how do I do”, “what do I do”, “who do I see”, “who do I write to” all to solve it.
I want you to imagine a picture: what if they can be solved immediately? I know how to do it. It knows how to do it! What does that mean? This shows that you are fighting a war and may not need to fight at all. Innate responsibility is so many things. Deal with your own consciousness, not the subconscious. You know what’s wrong with you. That’s why muscle testing is accurate. It works with nature. Why do you test your body and immediately find out what allergy or other? You have no clue. Congenital told you before you asked for medical help, because it knew.
Let me talk about my favorite example of pharmacy. Long before the emergence of pharmacies, science had to do all kinds of blood tests. They invented a sugar coated pill to check the effect of the drug. Some samples contain drugs, some have nothing, and then give these “drugs” to people. Then they found the “placebo effect”. In other words, people react the same way they hear “there will be”. Although there are no medicinal ingredients in the “pill”. Then it is collectively referred to as the “placebo effect”. Because people don’t like the result, they can’t get the desired result, but there are many obstacles. That’s what I want to say, human, why don’t you go deep into the research and find “God, there’s a broader thing here, let’s study the placebo effect” ! but they didn’t do that. They just reported it. Oh, by the way, they deleted the data of “hundreds of people were cured”.

That’s congenital. In other words, your consciousness swallows the “pill”. In the “pill”, it is the idea of “doing this, doing that, treating this, treating that”. You take the pill and get well! That’s congenital. What is it?
Your consciousness can be polished so sharp. As long as you think about something, nature will pass. Spontaneous healing, placebo effect and homeopathy are all there. Do you like to know more? Where is it? How to use it?
All four channelings will be provided free of charge. For them, you don’t have to buy this program, honey. This is a promise. You can hear it all. Are you interested? It should be. This is a miracle that should happen in your body.
I’m Kryon. I love human beings and the miracles in human bodies.
be it so.
The truth of the world is much more sci-fi than you think
High dimensional light message today


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