When you take care of yourself and your garden, you are the best pipe^_^


When you take care of yourself and your garden, you are the best pipe.

Eventually, you may even find that you have the ability to convert this energy into words, sounds, or light language. You can share it with your human compatriots, and then you will see and feel your influence because they will respond to what you provide.

When you meditate, drink a lot of water, and avoid toxins and chemicals as much as possible, you will become a clean, pure container that can handle more energy. When you deal with your emotions and tell others what you think, your spirit and emotional body will also be purified, which also makes you a better container of high-frequency energy. When you enter your body and connect with the earth and mother nature, you will be more able to deal with the energy we provide.

When you anchor in high-frequency energy, they will automatically open to everyone, because you are part of the human collective and all of you are associated.

Taking care of yourself is very important, never so important, because you also want to keep up with the current energy, which is your responsibility. They come from all sources, not just ours. When you are in a state of constant acceptance, when you consciously open your heart to all possible things, you will have a happy journey, which is what we want you to have, and what every being in the higher field now wants you to have.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are always providing you with everything we can give, but we must take into account your processing capacity per unit time on earth. Your body is used to a certain frequency and amount of energy, and we must take these into account. Now, we want to see how those of you who have been doing your inner work are doing, because we know you can bear more. You can take better care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally, which allows your body to process more energy, especially high-frequency energy. That’s why we expect you to be the torch bearer of mankind.

All the inner work you do not only benefits yourself and improves the quality of your life, but also makes you a better channel to serve the collective earth to which you belong. You can anchor in the latest and highest frequency energy we provide, which is a privilege and honor. You are taking humanity to the next level of consciousness, and you often do so without realizing your contribution. That’s one of the reasons you came to us. We can provide you with some information to help you realize your continuous contribution to the human collective.


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